Sunday, August 12, 2001

Finland, Weeks 13-14

From Cycle Tour Photos...

Finland was an absolute highlight for us - the country was fun, but especially for us the people were great! We have some cool friends in Finland.

After numerous work related visits to Helsinki, mostly in winter, it was refreshing to see the summer side of Finland. Our evening with Hannu and Leena at their idyllic summer cottage, nestled in woods on an island, surround by a lake near Kisko was an experience we will never forget. The fair weather, food and fellowship was awesome! - not to mention the sauna.

Tuomo and Nina were the consummate hosts to us in Helsinki. Nothing could ever be better than Chez Tuomo cuisine washed down with a buttery Chardonnay!

Helsinki offered some great sightseeing and some extremely good inner city cycle paths. Sorry - no advice on camping in Finland - we did see one campground in the distance - it looked ok.

Our advise about Finland is - don't take a willy nilly approach! Spend more time than we did and enjoy this unique country.

Week 13: Visby to Espoo, Finland
Week 14: Espoo, Finland to Edam, Netherlands