Saturday, August 25, 2001

France, Weeks 1-6 and 16-17

From Cycle Tour Photos...

We thoroughly enjoyed cycling in France. It has a fantastic network of back roads, so as long as you are armed with a good map (Michelin 1/200 000) then you are set for a great ride. All of the back roads we rode were very well marked and signposted. We found tourist offices were common, with an extensive range of information, particularly about where to find one of the abundant French campgrounds. And campgrounds were almost always well signposted.

The other exceptional feature of cycling in France is the food. When cycle touring you can almost eat what you like and still lose weight. We mostly did our own cooking, which was easy with the plentiful supply of markets and hyper marches. It was also very hard to ride past a boulangerie and not eat their delicious pastries (chasson aux pomme was my favourite!).

Campgrounds in France are abundant, cheap but somewhat basic. Generally they have no kitchen facilities, and more often no toilet paper. But as long as you go prepared they work out fine.

Week 1: Upper Basildon, UK to Carnac, France
Week 2: Carnac to Toulouse
Week 3: Toulouse to Narbonne
Week 4: Narbonne to Avignon
Week 5: Avignon to Aix-les-Bains
Week 6: Aix-les-Bains to Lausanne

Week 16:Paris - Blois
Week 17:Blois - Streatly, UK