Wednesday, August 15, 2001

Sweden, Weeks 12 - 13

From Cycle Tour Photos...

Sweden was a surprise to us. In many ways it was not unlike New Zealand - lots of green and not many people. We were taken with the traditional red farm houses. We also got to do a bit of Island hopping to Oland and Gotland. Both are worth the visit. Oland is pepper with 400 traditional windmills and some interesting coastal views. Kopingsvik was hopping with holiday makers - it was a weird experience for us to sit on the beach with bright sunlight at 10pm!

Definitely seek out and try the traditional food, Olandskroppkakor - potato dumplings stuffed with pork and Lufsa - thick pancakes! Yum yum!

Gotland is about 5 hours by Ferry from mainland Sweden. Visby is fascinating with it's walled city in the middle of the Baltic! The island was also packed with holiday makers, many of whom had left their cars on the mainland and opted to hire bicycles with trailer to carry their luggage. We were right at home with our touring set-up.

Stockholm was the most beautiful city of our trip. The builds of the old city, the bustling harbour dotted with islands, the rocky cliffs, plentiful trees and amazing twilight evenings were captivating!

Cycling in Sweden was mostly on the roads, which were never too busy. Camping grounds were good but very busy during July!

Week 12: Copenhagen to Visby, Sweden
Week 13: Visby to Espoo, Finland