Wednesday, August 22, 2001

Switzerland, Weeks 6-7

From Cycle Tour Photos...

We loved our time on the Western side of Switzerland. We first enjoyed the views and scenery around the edge of Lac Leman. We were particularly taken with terraced hillsides covered in grapevines on the northern side of the lake.

We were both captivated by Bern, the location, buildings and views of the Alps were magic. The roads were a little busier, compared with the back roads of France. But we found many quite well marked cycling routes often with dedicated cycling paths which were scenic and enjoyable cycling.

Campgrounds were easy to find and very generally very well set-up, most had kitchen facilities. Tourist offices and internet cafes were readily available. It was also generally easy to find good super markets, Co-op and Migros. We particularly enjoyed the Manor Cafeterias which serves a smorgasbord of freely cooked foods.

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Week 6: Aix-les-Bains to Lausanne
Week 7: Lausanne to Frieburg