Saturday, August 18, 2001

Denmark, Week 11

From Cycle Tour Photos...

From Cologne we took a train ride to Kiel in the North. Trains and Bikes are a breeze in Germany, even when your bike and trailer are the same length as a medium sized car!

From Kiel we planned to take a ferry to Bagenkop, Denmark. We turned up at the ferry terminal bright and early only to find the ferry ceased operation 12 months before. Well never mind - we had a very enjoyable ride along the coast to Puttgarden where we took the Ferry to Rodbyhavn.

Denmark was fun. It has a well established national cycling routes which are extremely well signposted. We also enjoyed 3 days of exquisite tail winds. Often we found ourselves cruising at 45km/hr.

We thoroughly enjoyed Copenhagen. We were lucky enough to coincide our visit with the annual Jazz Festival partaking of a number of outdoor concerts and a couple of great evening concerts at Tivoli Gardens.

Roskidle's Viking Ship Museum is a must see as is the Hillerod Slot.

Tourist offices and camping grounds were great in Denmark.

Week 11: Kiel, Germany to Copenhagen