Friday, August 10, 2001

Netherlands & Belgium, Weeks 14 - 15

From Cycle Tour Photos...

The Netherlands is a cycling paradise. It seems that you can go just about anywhere by bike and almost never have to use a road. When we arrived in Amsterdam in early August it was bustling with tourists and most camping grounds were bursting at the seams. This was also true for the majority of coastal camps we stopped at.

We had wonderful experiences cycling along the coast on amazing cycle "roads". At times we had sea and sail boats on one side of the dyke and paddocks on the other. Cycling along canals was another delight - there is always plenty of activity to keep you entertained!

We enjoyed a visit to Madurodam in Den Haag (The Hague). This is miniature Holland and is a fantastic way to see parts of the country that you might not get to visit.

Week 14: Amsterdam to Vrouwenpolden
Week 15: Vrouwenpolden to Paris